Joseph Schoff

Notice of Joseph Schoff’s death in the Chicago Tribune, August 12, 1919.

Born: Unknown
Occupation: Millwright
Killed: July 30, 1919
Cause of death: Stabbing

Joseph Schoff, a white man, was killed after a racist encounter with a man named Jose Blanco. At the time of the riots, 33-year-old Schoff lived at 2519 W. 47th Street and worked as a millwright. On July 30, Schoff confronted Blanco while walking down S. Ashland Avenue. The Chicago Tribune identified Blanco as a 22-year-old Mexican man living at 4225 S. Ashland Avenue. Schoff repeatedly asked Blanco whether he was a “Negro” and tried to strike him. According to the Chicago Tribune report, Blanco stabbed Schoff in the abdomen with a knife after Schoff’s attempted assault. Blanco was subsequently arrested, charged with murder, and held on a $2,500 bail, but asserted that he stabbed Schoff in self-defense. Because the coroner’s jury was unable to reach a consensus on whether he should be held on manslaughter charges, Blanco was later released.

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