Our Collaborators

Since 2016, the Chicago Center for Youth and Violence Prevention (CCYVP) has recruited One Summer Chicago (OSC) interns from Bright Star Community Outreach. OSC is a city initiative that provides youth between the ages of 14 and 24 with 20-25 hours of employment and enrichment opportunities during the summer months. In 2019, CCYVP partnered with CRR19 to provide more robust opportunities to learn about the race riots as an origin story of inequities in Chicago.

Antoinette Raggs and Sydney Lawrence worked with CRR19 as OSC interns in 2019-2020. Their primary responsibilities included: participating in a four-week action civics program, training on qualitative methods including interviewing and photovoice, and conducting assigned reading and writing projects. Raggs and Lawrence were featured in media interviews published in South Side Weekly and Portable Gray. In June 2021, they were published as co-authors with other CDC-funded Youth Violence Prevention Centers in the American Journal of Public Health Youth Voices commentary. 

John Freveletti worked as a graduate student intern with CRR19 in 2020. He has since completed his MA in History from Western Illinois University with a focus in early American history. He obtained his BA in History from Arizona State University in 2019, and currently works as a social studies teacher. His work on the CRR19 project included researching the victims of the conflict in order to construct biographies about them. His research included locating addresses, places of employment, birthplaces as well as family members.

Public History Practicum

CRR19 collaborated in 2021 with UChicago’s Public History Practicum to work with PhD students interested in research, content-creation, and community engagement. This team helped to build the current website by conducting further research on the killed individuals, consolidating online resources, documenting our progress through interviews, and creating a new introductory video for the project. They also created the ‘Commemorating the Killed’ sections of the website that include the biographies page, and an interactive map of the commemorative markers. The group included Zoya Sameen, Kirsten Lopez, Esther Isaac, Nikki Grigg, and Madeline Adams.

UChicago GRAD

In 2022, CRR19 partnered with UChicago Grad’s Internship & Experiential Learning program to offer summer internships to graduate students. Noah Hansen, who was finishing his PhD in English served as our graduate student intern. He has since completed his degree and has a postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA.