David Marcus

Born: 1869
Occupation: Shoemaker
Killed: July 28th, 1919
Cause of death: Bullet Wound

David Marcus, a Jewish immigrant, was born around 1869 in Poland. After immigrating to Chicago, he lived at 509 E. 37th Street, i.e. in the “Black Belt.” In Chicago, he worked as a shoemaker. According to descendants, his two daughters and wife still were in Poland waiting for him to send money, so they could travel and join him in Chicago. Possible local relatives included Nathan Marcus, who provided David Marcus’ information for the Cook County death certificate. During the riots, on July 28th, Marcus and a friend, an eyewitness for the Chicago Race Commission report, were walking on E. 37th Street at night when “a Negro walked up to Marcus and shot him.” When Marcus’ friend attempted to help, he was shot as well. Marcus died that night, July 28, at the age of fifty. It seems as if Marcus was not an active participant in the riots. It can be postulated that Marcus was walking home, as he lived only a few houses away from where he was shot, when he encountered a group of Black Chicagoans and ended up being killed. His widow and daughters arrived in Chicago the following year.

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